DAY70 Mer-Chaumont Sur Loire 42.2 km (France)

Edinho rushed to the bakery just in time for its opening.

As he praised, croissant and pain traditionnel were the best!

French breakfast is simple, just coffee or tea, orange juice, bread and jam, butter.

I said goodbye to him and started at 8:00.

After running about 750 meters, I notices I had not returned a room key.

So I rushed to the hostel. Though I ringed the bell, no answer.

I left the key on a dining table. I was lucky I noticed as soon as I started.

Followed a quiet trail along the River Loire.

Next problem happened afternoon.

I found something wrong with the front wheel.

Then I tried to find a cycle shop on Google Map, which was within 1 km.

When I arrived at the shop, it was closed but it seemed there was someone inside. I knocked on the door to ask for help.

I explained to the owner about what had happened to the front wheel.

He said yes and checked the wheel.

When the shaft broke down yesterday, bearing might have gone.

He said there was no ball bearings.

I often ran on rough road, it’s too rugged and sometimes rocky surface.

About 20 minutes he completed my wheel.

I said, “How much?” He said, “Smile.”

How nice of him!!

I told him about my PEACE RUN and gave him business card and took a picture of he and his wife.

Wherever I go, there’s someone who helps and supports me.

I’m so happy.

It started to rain afternoon.

I followed normal highway with no shoulders.

To stay out of heavy traffic, I ran small path along the river.

But I hit on a river with no bridge. I had to turn back.

Sometimes the road was muddy owing to rain.

I stopped running after running 42.2km in Chaumont Sur Loire where there was a Municipal Camp.

Manager was a nice guy. He welcomed with a big smile.

€5.42 was a nice price.

Camping in the rain. Hope it’ll be sunny tomorrow.

*Today’s Distance: 42.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2635.4 km

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DAY69 Saran-Mer 49.2 km (France)

While moving, I’m all alone most of the time with no one talk to.

I keep silent for a long time.

Travelers sometimes have to go through a hard time which makes them stronger.

As life needs some spice, travel should have many ways to taste

Every hardship is not to be conquered but to taste or enjoy.

We got to joy when good things happen.

Even when we experience hard time, we can smile talking about it later.

That’s what travel and life are for.

Edinho from Brazil welcomed me with a glass of beer at a hostel in Mer. He seems like a chief staff.

He said he had spent a lot of time in traveling around Europe looking for an ideal place to stay.

Eager to learn anything such as language, culture and people.

Both of us might have something similar and common as a traveler.

He's alos dreaming of traveling all over the world.

Mer is a nice small Medieval town which has a long history.

It’s a town of my favorite type like Cashel, Ireland.

Though I was washing my clothes late at night, I lost my sense and fell down to sleep.

*Today’s Distance: 49.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2593.2 km

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DAY68 Monnerville-Saran 53.2 km (France)

In the morning I woke up to find myself in my tent at 5:30.

14 degrees was not so cold.

Enjoyed beautiful sun rise!

But the route was tough and hard.

D2020 was so dangerous with heavy traffic with no shoulders.

Alternative routes were full of varieties.

Trails with rocks on the rough surface, small path surrounded by fields, trails in the wood…

How happy I am to run on the paved road!

That’s my today’s impression.

Pushing my buggy needs lots of power on my arms, shoulders and back.

Just 50km made me feel as if I had run 80km.

When my mental power gets weak, something bad will happen.

I got to keep my mind clear.

No problem…Everything is going to be all right!

*Today’s Distance: 53.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2544.0 km

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DAY67 Bretigny Sur Orge-Monnerville 48.2 km (France)

Daytime is getting shorter. Now the sun rises at 7:45am and sets at 7:40.

50 km might be the limit I can run in a day.

Sunny blue sky spread today too. I don’t remember when I wore a rain jacket last.

Today I ran on a trail of a mountain, a gravel road surrounded by corn fields and so on.

N10 was the fearful highway with neither sidewalk nor shoulders.

Trucks and trailers drove faster than 100 km per hour.

Just 2.5 km I was so patient under the pressure.

Google Map still annoyed me…

 About 5pm, I pitched my tent at a campground in Monnerville.

Very quiet on a weekday of off-season with very few campers camping.

Exchanged both rear tires which I had bought in Etamp.

Almost 2500 km since I started in London.

Hope tomorrow morning won’t become so cold.


*Today’s Distance: 48.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2490.8 km

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DAY66 Saint Denis-Bretigny Sur Orge 41.2 km (France)

Started as soon as the sun rose at 7:30.

Busy, noisy city of Paris. It’s full of people and cars.

City of Paris is the area diameter 10 km with various people come together.

Big city is always exciting like New York, London, Tokyo…

Also it’s a center of fashion, there are so many hair salon, boutique, cosmetic shops.

I’m surprised to see so many Japanese restaurant here and there.

I guess Parisian might love healthy Japanese food.

Paris has a long history. There are so many cathedrals, churches and temples.

When I have finished my run at the end of Santiago De Compostela or Lisbon, Portugal, I’ll be back in Paris.

Hope the time will soon come. My wife Piapi and her company will come and see me.

*Today’s Distance: 41.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2442.6 km

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DAY65 Day-Off in Sain Denis(France)

Took a day-off for the first time in 10 days.

Breda was the last day-off as long as I remember.

Walked around city centre.

Unfortunately supermarket was closed but instead there was a market going on.

Lots of various things…food, accessories, clothes, books…

So many things I can’t find in Japan.

As I walk around, I find there are so many French Africans.

France is the country which is so close to Africa.

The only photo I took today is the one of Saint Denis Cathedral.

When I got back to the hotel, it started to rain.

I don’t remember when it rained the last.

Turning on the TV but everything is French…lol

In a small room of the hotel, I’m all alone keeping silent.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2401.4 km


DAY64 Fleurines-Saint Denis 54.3 km (France)

Sunny morning. I wonder when it will rain. I haven’t worn a rain jacket for a while.

Followed various roads such as single track of trails, grassy rough roads, highway with no shoulder or sidewalk where cars driving faster than 100km…

Yes, I’m a running traveler. I have to go on no matter what kind of road stretches in front of me. And I have to accept any risk. That’s what a travel(an adventure) is for, I think.

There were detour twice because of construction.

Most of travelers now depend upon digital devices such as GPS.

When we lose net connection, we fail to go on.

But when we live in analogue age, we are able to go on depending on communication.

When we get lost, we can ask anyone. Local people will help if we’re in trouble.

Yes, it’s  true we live in a very convenient era.

It means if we depend on digital tools, we may have a chance to lose humanity.

Don’t keep silent before your digital tools. Find someone you can talk to wherever you go.

Now I’m in France. Some people speak English but most of them speak French.

I’m trying to memorize French words and daily conversation.

But how sad it is to face aging…The more I memorize, the more I forget.

Got to do my best each and every day…

It’s been a hard day. Finished about 7pm.

*Today’s Distance: 54.3 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2401.4 km

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