Meeting Someone

Meeting someone is to touch his or her life.

 Extremely speaking, it is to touch someone's heart and soul.

 Although it might be difficult for me to meet 7 billion people all over the world, I'd like to meet as many people as possible.

 Meet someone special to you today!


Talk Event in Osaka

November 23 is designated as a national holiday called Labor Thanksgiving Day.

I had a talk event in Temma Mantendo, Osaka for the first time since I came back in Japan.

As I have another event held in Okayama on December 4, I created a slideshow with some photos I had taken in Europe.

Some of my friends came and see me and they blessed our marriage.

Mr&Mrs Yano gave us a bouquet of flowers.

We're all connected to each other in this world...on the same planet and under the same sky.

The next one is planned on December 4 in Okayama.


We Officially Got Married

We, Piapi and I met on Facebook on July 9, 2011 while I was running across USA.

Met each other in Osaka for the first time on February 7, 2012.

And we got engaged on June 9, 2013 before I started to run across Australia.

But it was not an official marriage but we lived together in Osaka.

We promised to become husband and wife legally after I came back from PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe.

And that’s what we did today.

Nothing has changed but Piapi changing her surname.

In Japan, November 22 is designated as A Good Couple Day for married couples.

Yes, today must have been the day when we decided to be a good couple for ever and ever.


Yatomi Charity Marathon

Ran 10K at Yatomi Charity Marathon held in Aichi Prefecture.

This running event is hosted by Yatomi Lions Club as a charity marathon to help childhood cancer patients.

I was invited as a guest runner for a consecutive 2 years.

It was kind of a small local running event but about 750 runners   participated in 4 events including 10K, 5K, TRY-2.5K and Family-TRY 2.5K.

Under the sunny blue sky, it was a bit too warm but I had a really good time running with lots of runners sharing peaceful moment with them.

There were many costume players running here and there.

Couples, friends and families enjoyed running together. I'm sure they all had an excellent time.

Hope I can run with them next year too!

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Returning Home

Leaving Paris about noon on 15th, I returned home in Osaka, Japan in the afternoon on 16th. Everything went OK.

Spent some hours in Shanghai, China but enjoyed 15 hour-flight in total.

Back home again after 4 months!!

This is my home country!

Arriving at KIX(Kansai International Airport), Osaka with Piapi, Goro and Kentaro.


Leaving Paris for Osaka, Japan

Woke up a bit earlier in the rainy morning.

Checking out, we left a hotel for the airport by taxi.

Finally the time has come when I have to leave Paris, France, and Europe.

Going back home for the first time in about 4 months.

Many things must have changed in Japan.

Many things may have changed within me myself.

Anyway, isn’t it nice for a traveler to come back home?

There are lots of people I want to see again.

Security check is what I have to be serious.

After all we got on board after following some procedures.

I watched some movies, ate in-flight meals 4 times and the time went by in the air.



Final day in Paris.

Another cloudy day.

First I went for a 70 postage stamps at La Poste(post office).

I got to send postcards to those who had supported me through crowdfunding.

They say Montmartre has a friendship-town relationship with Kobe Kitano.

Both are similar and famous for lots of hills.

Place du Tertre is the mecca of modern art where there are lots of painters.

I met a 63-year-old Japanese painter who had lived in Paris more than 40 years.

He told me about his life in Paris and Paris today.

He said he had his own vision. His purpose of painting is to make people smile and to make them feel happy. He insisted we have to help each other to make ourselves happy.

I was walking around in Japanese Kimono and One-Tooth Geta.

Everyone looks at me and asked me if they could take photos.

I can make friends just walking around in One-Tooth Geta.

But it was a bit hard to walk on stone pavement so rough and uneven.

There were two black men singing and playing the guitar near Basilique du Sacré-Cœur.

And Piapi, Goro and Kentaro joined them.

They started to sing together so loud and so happily.

People came around one after another.

About 50 people surrounded them to enjoy their performance.

Everyone of players and audience smiled clapping their hands and sang together.

Yes, it was a time when all of us realized that music is a universal language.

At Basilique du Sacré-Cœur I met Isabela who is a dancer.

Isabel said she was so much interested in Japanese culture such as kimono.

We talked for a while and I let him try on my One-Tooth Geta.

She said she was so happy to wear One-Tooth Geta and that she would like to have a pair.

One-Tooth Geta must be good for a dancer which surely affects a lot.

Another encounter was at Starbucks near Basilique du Sacré-Cœur.

A couple aged between 65 and 70 years old. They sat beside us and asked us if free wifi was available out there.

They said they liked traveling and actually they travel around the world.

We took some photos together.

Smile can connect us all. Yes, that’s what peace is for.

At night Kentaro and I went for a meeting Japanese runners who live in Paris.

We enjoyed talking about running for almost 4 hours at a Chinese restaurant.

Today was full of encounters, discovery and notices…I learned a lot.

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